Buy, Sell, and Trade Gold & Silver At Top Dollar

Master Creations buys, sells, and trades at the absolute best prices available by directly connecting the public with our board network of high-volume commercial wholesale dealers. As we’re also one of Arizona’s largest coin and custom jewelry dealers, we’re able to buy, sell and trade items others can’t offer with far superior prices and service.

Our prices per ounce on all yellow gold, white gold, silver, platinum, coins, gems (including diamonds) and all other metals is clearly far superior to online and national retail chains. Here’s why…

We directly follow market prices daily.

You will get the absolutely best price for your gold, with no strings attached.. What you’ll get today is based on current market data, not out-of-date marketing materials. We know this business deeply and understand you want the best price you can get, and we’re able to offer it to to you by cutting out all the nonsense price calculations, terms and conditions. Best value in cash or trade, period.

No wait, same-day sales.

We will buy your jewelry and coins today for cash. No shipping charges, weeks of waiting, or incompetent customer service reps gives you the fastest way to sell today.

Nationally certified appraisers individually assess your gold, and can buy on the spot. Our on-site appraisers have decades of experience in the identification, composition and appraisal of rings, gems, precious metals, and all other jewelry and coins. Mall kiosks, online buyers, and must all recoup costs of inexperienced. We use our existing retail presence and decades of experience to offer you top dollar with no nonsense.

Why not trade for a special gift or upgrade?

Bringing in your jewelry and coins also gives you chance to look around the showroom and custom order catalog. Using your old gold towards an item for your loved one (including yourself!) is a great way to afford a new gift that will be loved for generations to come. Turning your gold into your next anniversary gift, birthday present, or upgrade for an existing item is as easy as bringing it to our showroom today.