Expert Services

Custom Design Services

Master Creations is renowned for production of stunning custom design jewelry. We also offer tens of thousands of retail products and an extensive array of services to complement your unique creations. Our shop houses the equipment and experience required to cast, repair, upgrade and transform your vision into reality.

Routine Cleaning

Wedding rings and other items worn on a daily basis all require periodic care to restore them to original shine, freeing them from stubborn microscopic dirt and grime particles that build slowly with constant use. If it’s been several years since you’ve had your ring professionally cleaned, you’ll be surprised at the amount of shimmer added back by our in-house specialty ultrasonic micro-cleaning machinery, chemical processes, and manual expert buffing that is simply unmatchable. Restore the natural luster of your favorite metal jewelry including white gold, yellow gold, silver, platinum and other types by bringing it in today for routine maintenance.

Removal & Resizing

Weddings rings, watches, and other wearable pieces occasionally need to be resized for a comfortable fit and snug yet removable shape. We’re happy to both gauge your current size and make the appropriate adjustments as needed. For the truly “stuck” item, we can also provide worry-free removal and repair.

Repair & Upgrades

Most custom work is performed in our shop using an extensive library of tools acquired and perfected through decades of professional service. Expert goldsmithing and machining is performed by experts specifically trained in the small precision metal working required to produce highly pleasing aesthetics. With literally tons of equipment and decades of experience, we are fit to design, cast, repair, modify, or otherwise transform jewelry in ways of which retail stores can’t even dream.


Our sales representatives are certified by the Gemological Institute of America. After personally appraising your items, we present you with an official document specifically formatted for insurance purposes or framing. In most cases, leaving your items with us is not necessary. With some exceptions, we can take measurements while you wait so you may keep your items and pick up the formal documents after they are completed. We recommend all buyers insure beloved jewelry against unforeseen events, and are happy to assist with official appraisals detailing your jewelry in the precise technical terms required to protect your investments.